Sound Brandt

Sound Brandt makes sound designs, create sound effects and write music for your games, videos, apps… you name it!

Sound Brandt is the alias of Sound Designer Jonas Brandt Jakobsen. I am based in Copenhagen, where I create my work.
I am passionate about giving users engaging audio experiences, when they play a game or use an app for their phone.
The value of using crisp sound effects and great music to set the right mood should not be underestimated,
as it not only makes the user experience more polished and coherent, it also lifts the product to a higher level.


Sound Brandt has created sound designs for many different types of media.
You can find some of the selected work in the Project Blog.
One of the projects, is the iPhone game 101 Airborne, for which Sound Brandt wrote the soundtrack and made the sound effects.
The game was created by Robocat and Blindesign, and in 2012 we won two awards at the Danish App Awards,
for Best Design and Best in our category Games & Entertainment.


Soundbrandt write and produce most types of music, whether it’s a subtle bossa nova as background music,
or an in your face rock and roll track!
In the sound effects department, Sound Brandt both record new material, as well as edit stock material.
I am experienced in doing projects that require large collections of sounds, as well as projects, that only need a few sounds.


Some of the services Sound Brandt provide, are:

+ Interactive sound effects for user interfaces.

+ Immersive sounds for games.

+ Original music composition for all types of media, within many different genres.

+ Implementing sounds in videos, with proper timing and sound levels.